who are we

Snow sport enthusiasts determined to protect nature!

Shred Sustainably. Protect Nature.  

In addition to sustainable snow sports, we believe passionately about great friends, epic adventures, deep powder and being outdoors!

We believe whole heartedly that the world would be a better place if everyone experiences shredding pow!

Photo reproduced by kind permission of Demelza Clay

Every Sustainable Ski Bum directly contributes to a more sustainable future! 

How does it work?

Learn the importance of protecting nature and how we can reduce our impact on the environment

Gain access to the worlds most sustainable winter products and services, therefore support the brands that are protecting nature

Give back to nature!  Plant trees and support NPO’s that are giving back to our wilderness

Not a charity, an empowering social venture

Sustainable Ski Bums is changing the future of snow sports by giving back to the environment that we rely on to do the sports we love!

Our staff and members previously found it difficult to know how to reduce their impact on the environment.  Now they are empowered to live more sustainably and contribute towards a brighter future for the next generation allowing our children and grand children enjoy nature!