The Facts

What are we doing to the environment?

The Facts

We LOVE snow sports!  That’s a fact!  We love heading to the mountains to strap on our board or skis and send it down the slopes.   It’s the perfect way to spend winters, it keeps us active and gets us out with our friends and family and gets the adrenaline going.  In order for us to able to do this though there are a lot of products and services required that unfortunately contribute to environmental degradation.

What is Environmental Degradation?

Environmental degradation is the deterioration of the environment through the use of resources resulting in the natural environment being compromised.  This is predominantly caused by human activities and is causing the destruction of biodiversity, ecosystems, natural resources and habitats.

How do Snow Sports Contribute to Environmental Degradation?

There are so many products and services required to allow us to ski and snowboard.  Below is a list of some of the ways in which snow sports contribute to environmental degradation.

  • Transport – We all have to get to the resorts and many modes of transport emmit pollution and greenhouse gases.
  • Snow making – As winters worsen we have to create more snow, therefore more water usage!
  • Ski and snowboard production – Skis and snowboards often use wood cores and plastics to create the top sheet and base. Trees are required for the wood and oil is required for the plastics and toxic chemicals are often used to hold them together.
  • Ski and snowboard clothing – Materials required for clothing manufacturing are often water intensive and use toxic chemicals during the manufacturing process!
  • Ski resort maintenance and creation – A lof of ski areas have required deforestation to create areas that we can ski
  • Ski lifts – Ski lifts require power to run, some are running still on diesel engines, some are running on electric, but if the energy required is not from a sustainable source more CO2 contribution!
  • Wax – These are packed full of toxic chemicals, not only harmful to the environment but also to us meer humans.

Can we Reduce Our Impact on the Environment?

Of course!  If we all choose to be Sustainable Ski Bums and make educated decisions we can all reduce our own impact on the environment but also contribute to improving the sustainability of the snow sports industry.