We find out who is being sustainable!


We believe snow sports enthusiasts should know who is protecting nature and who isn’t.  Our research highlights which companies are leading the way with being more sustainable!

The snow sports industry uses a lot of techniques which unfortunately contribute to environmental issues.  The industry uses many materials during the manufacturing process of the equipment needed for us to be able to shred the mountains, these materials often contain many chemicals, require a lot of energy and water and have a lot of waste at the end.  To add to this the resorts we use are highly dependant on energy to run and there is a lot of waste produced from the customers attending the resorts.   

Before we can solve the issue it is vital that we know how it works.  We will work directly with brands, manufacturers and resorts across the globe to look deeper in to the problems and push for changes throughout the whole industry.

We will provide detailed information on what brands, companies and resorts are doing to reduce their impacts on the environment and how they are helping reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  This information will be shared publicly so snow sport enthusiasts can make informed decisions so they can personally not support the un-sustainable companies.